Change Centre

Change Centre will be a place where everyone is welcome. It will be a community asset which provides sports facilities, meeting places, eating places and flexible spaces for events.

Change Centre will be a positive place where the community comes together, where purpose is found and relationships are built. This is not a ‘sticking plaster’, it will provide lasting change to lives by offering stability, positive relationships, and a daily purpose to those who need it.

Change Centre is a Social Enterprise set up by David Duke, founder and CEO of Street Soccer Scotland. Since 2009 Street Soccer Scotland has been working with socially disadvantaged people using football themed programmes to motivate, inspire & develop them resulting in better outcomes.

How we help


  • Safe place
  • Own Bedroom
  • Assured place in Change Centre


  • Staff in Change Centre
  • Fellow residents
  • Street Soccer team
  • Street Soccer players
  • Local Community


  • Volunteering
  • Roles in Change Centre
  • Coaching
  • Regular football sessions

We want people to feel welcomed & valued at Change Centre from the moment they arrive. Personalised kit will be waiting for them in their bedroom & a more experienced redident will buddy up to make them feel at home.

Positive relationships & good role models are key to the success of Change Centre. Residents will build relationships in the local community, including the location of an eventual tenancy, so thet they have a good support network when they leave.

Residents at Change Centre will, over time, contribute to it’s running through volunteering. Whether it is prepairing meals, helping on the pitches or greeting people on reception they will be given a sense of responsibility & purpose.

Change Centre will build on this and provide residential facilities so that 24/7 support can be provided. Change Centre will be about more than just the physical building, we aim to break away some of the misconceptions around homelessness in Scotland, removing the stigma attached and increasing awareness..